How You Can Contribute?

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By contributing towards any one of the projects below you can assist Veritas House to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, young people and their families in the Bathurst Community.

It cannot be underestimated the value of a good basic education and a supportive family providing guidance and living skills.  The young people we assist often haven’t experienced this – and it means a lot for them to know that people care enough to help. Our young people will receive the guidance and support they need to assist them to turn the corner to a happy, productive future.

When young people turn their lives around, they can become independent, productive members of the community.

Here are Some Examples of the Support Your Donation Provides:

Emergency food vouchers – $50

This will provide emergency food vouchers to young people living in our youth flat program who have experienced a crisis and are requiring some limited assistance. Food vouchers are also needed for children, young people and families engaged in our youth and family support program.

Client Resources – $100 each

These funds would enable us to purchase equipment and resource material for young people with very limited, if any, parental guidance.  This includes general information books, self-help books, sporting equipment, sexual health packages and school stationary and text books.  These resources assist in meeting the needs of our residents who often place themselves at great risk.

Basic clothing allowance pack – $150 each

For young people entering the crisis accommodation service, adequate clothing especially in winter time is a very real need. This allowance provides basic items required, ensuring the young person is properly clothed depending on the season.

Set-up Packs – $200 each

This provides a welcome pack for each new resident with toiletries, a doona, pillow and sheet set – all essential items to foster personal hygiene and comply with Occupational Health and Safety policies.

Groceries – $15,000 per year

This would provide daily grocery expenses for the youth refuge, feeding 90 young people each year. We provide nutritious foods which carry few preservatives, colourings and additives to prevent adverse effects and encourage young people to develop healthy eating life styles.

Furnishings and white goods $10,000

Veritas House aims to provide a home-like environment for our residents, with a reasonable standard of safety and comfort in our youth refuge and youth flat program. Whilst we are very appreciative of the funding we receive from Community Services, often it doesn’t stretch far enough to cover the replacement of furnishings and white goods.

The ‘Veritas Van’- $10,000 per year leasing and running cost

Veritas House residential program (or Refuge) operates like any normal household with 6 young people needing transportation. Daily appointments, school and job interviews, shopping and the weekend outings are the norm and we need to have a safe van that can provide this.

Feedback to you

When you donate to Veritas House, we will on an annual basis, bring you up to date on the progress of our young people and what your donation has achieved.

Methods of Payment

Please forward your cheque / money order made payable to:

Veritas House Inc
PO Box 941
Bathurst NSW 2795

Or please give us a call on 02 6332 3882 to discuss your donation or alternative payment options.

Veritas House Inc is a registered charity and all donations over $2 are tax deductable.