Management Committee

Veritas House is governed by an annually elected skills based Management Committee drawn from its members.  Veritas House brings together a broad based representation of the communities it serves. Veritas House is fortunate to have committee members skilled in accounting, law, human resources, education, graphic design, business, marketing and human services. The current Management Committee members include:

Rosemary Hailstone – President

Beverley Vickers – Secretary

Mary Housler  Treasurer

Geoffrey Hastings – Committee Member

Colleen Winterburn – Committee Member

Ronald England – Committee Member

Peter Rohr – Committee Member

Peter Sutton – Committee Member

The role of the Veritas House Management Committee is to focus on the strategic direction of the organisation and to work within a governance framework.

The Management Committee has a focus on:

  • Core legal requirements
  • External reporting requirements
  • Stated objectives in the Strategic and Business Plan
  • Financial objectives
  • Client objectives and satisfaction

The Management Committee carries out its governance role by ensuring the following processes:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Management Committee and CEO are clearly defined
  • Outcomes are identified
  • Policies are developed and implemented
  • Delegations are in place
  • Performance monitoring systems are implemented
  • Accountability mechanisms are undertaken

The Management Committee delegates the day-to-day management of the organisation to the CEO who reports and is responsible to the Management Committee.