Management Committee

Veritas House is governed by an annually elected Management Committee drawn from its members.  Veritas House brings together a broad based representation of the communities it serves. The role of the Veritas House Management Committee is to focus on the strategic direction of the organisation and to work within a governance framework.

The Management Committee has a focus on:

  • Core legal requirements
  • External reporting requirements
  • Stated objectives in the Strategic and Business Plan
  • Financial objectives
  • Client objectives and satisfaction

The Management Committee carries out its governance role by ensuring the following processes:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Management Committee and CEO are clearly defined
  • Outcomes are identified
  • Policies are developed and implemented
  • Delegations are in place
  • Performance monitoring systems are implemented
  • Accountability mechanisms are undertaken

Organisational Structure

The Management Committee delegates the day-to-day management of the organisation to the CEO who reports and is responsible to the Management Committee.

The CEO has a team of professional and skilled staff who undertake the day-to-day operations of the programs that Veritas provides, as shown by the Veritas House organisational structure.