Organisational Structure

Veritas House consists of a team of professional and skilled staff who are lead by the CEO and undertake the day-to-day operations of the programs that Veritas provides, as shown by the Veritas House organisational structure.

CEO of Veritas House Inc.
Jody Pearce

Operations Manager – Youth Homelessness & Early Intervention
Sarah Luff

Operations Manager – Permanency Support (Out of Home Care)
Jacqueline Ashleigh

People and Culture Manager
Sharron Carter

Business Development Manager
Narelle Stocks

Corporate Services Manager
Maureen Markwick

Team Leaders
Sharon Jones –  Bathurst Youth Specialist Homelessness Services (Acting)
Mel Driscoll – Orange Youth Specialist Homelessness Services (Acting)
Toneya Carr-Smith – Premier’s Youth Initiative (Acting)
Cathleen Singh – Permanency Support
Heather Johnston – Practice Specialist

Shelly Cole – Permanency Support Residential
Meredith Prowse – Non Placement Support Service

Youth Specialist Homelessness Service Bathurst
Katon, Emma, Daniel, Brenda, Greg, Georgia, Danielle, Jess, Lizzie

Youth Specialist Homelessness Service Emerge Orange
Clare, Jess, Genevieve, Jack, Tamara, Jess, Lizzie, Tracy, Erin, Kacee

Homeless Youth Assistance Program
Caity, Vacant

Targeted Earlier Intervention

Permanency Support (Out of Home Care)
Kate, Ann-Maree, Bronte, Angie, Rachel, Nicola

Permanency Support (Out of Home Care) – Residential
Tarren, Jarred, Haylee, Katie, Aron, Hayley

Carer Support and Recruitment
Bridget Tracy, Ria White, Jo Thompson

Non-Placement Support Service
Meaghan, Jo, Amy, Grace, Jasmine, Jessica, Julie, Ian, Sarah, Shellie, Tayler, Hannah, Georgia, Louise, Joanne, Tom

Hanna Colley, Katrina Naylor, Maree Storey

Shellie Marino

People and Culture
Mona Harris

Project Officer
Renata Simpson