CEO of Veritas House Inc.
Jody Pearce

Operations Manager – Permanency Support
Jacqueline Ashleigh

People and Culture Manager
Sharron Carter

Business Development Manager
Narelle Stocks

Corporate Services Manager
Maureen Markwick

Team Leaders
Sarah Luff  –  Youth Specialist Homelessness Services Bathurst/Orange
Emma Crago – Out of Home Care
Heather Johnston – Practice Specialist

Sharon Jones – Youth Specialist Homelessness Service, Bathurst
Melanie Driscoll – Youth Specialist Homelessness Service, Orange (Acting)
Bronte Emanuel – OOHC Residential
Meaghan Borg – Non Placement Support Service (Acting)

Youth Specialist Homelessness Service Bathurst
Melanie Driscoll, Katon Crawford, Daniel Organ, Brenda Van Pelt, Greg Wilkinson, Georgia Brancourt, Danielle Davidson, Jess Wade, Lizzie Daniels

Youth Specialist Homelessness Service Emerge Orange
Emma McIntosh, Clare Lewis, Jess Stanley, Genevieve Hall, Jack McKenna, Tamara Sefton, Jess Wade, Lizzie Daniels, Shellie Cole, Tracy Wilson, Erin Hogben

Homeless Youth Assistance Program
Caity Whitelaw, Matt Gerrey

Out of Home Care
Toneya Carr-Smith, Kate Miller, Kayla Cox, Ann-Maree Shaw, Renata Simpson, Bronte Emanuel

Out of Home Care – Residential
Tarren Carr-Smith, Tom Hopkins, Jarred Portegies, Haylee Lepaio, Katie Carlon

Carer Support and Recruitment
Ria White

Non Placement Support Service
Meaghan Borg, Jo Thompson, Amy Field, Bridget Tracy, Grace Day, Jasmine Rae, Jessica Quinn, Julie Urban, Kacee Cubis, Ian Jones, Rachel Prior, Sarah Nagy, Shellie Marino, Tayler McBrien, Jordana Kissell, Hannah Vaughan, Georgia Brancourt

Ben Jenkins, Hanna Colley

Jillian Long, Ria White, Katrina Naylor, Shellie Marino