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Peter Rohr

Clinical Psychologist

Peter completed a BArts(Psych) at Newcastle University in 2001, with his research dissertation focusing on PTSD in disasters. He commenced his working career as a Provisional Psychologist in central west NSW working with people across the age range and across an array of different mental health and social concerns.  After completing his Psychology Registration requirements Peter started working as a Cannabis Clinic Specialist supporting people who had cannabis use issues across the central west of NSW. This role included providing direct therapy services as well as education and training within the community sector. In 2007 Peter took up the role of Clinical Lead at headspace Bathurst. Over the next decade he worked in clinical and management roles supporting the expansion of headspace across a number of communities in the region. During this time Peter also completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology through Charles Sturt University.  Peter is a Board Approved Supervisor and able to provide clinical supervision to Provisional and Registered Psychologists. More recently Peter has also taken up the role of Coordinator for the Bathurst branch of the Mental Health Professionals Network.

Peter has a passion for supporting young people, and has dedicated much of his working life to either supporting them directly in a therapeutic context, or helping build and strengthen services in our community for young people to access when they need support the most.

Peter participates in and promotes the value of sport and physical activity, as well as family and community connection. These are key elements in supporting an individual’s and community’s overall health and well-being.

Heather Johnston

Senior Practitioner

Heather completed a BA(Hons) Social Sciences at York University, UK in 1980 and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) at London University Institute of Education, UK in 1981. As a mature aged student Heather completed a Vocational Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution, Uniting in 2016 and a Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Life Story Work , Berry Street in 2020.

Over the last four decades Heather has worked in the Human Services Industry across Continents and Programs. Heather’s roles have included working with Brixton Social Services, UK and York City Council, UK co-ordinating camps and vacation care. Youth work in the Homelessness sector in the early 80’s. Working as a Child Sexual Assault Counsellor in Woman’s Health in the early 90’s. Casework, Management and Specialist work in the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) spanning over twenty-five years across Western and Far Western NSW.  Working as a Witness Assistance Officer for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions between 2000-2005. This work involved supporting witnesses and victims of crime as they navigated the complexities of the criminal justice system whilst at the same time bridging the gap between the legal and human services landscape. In 2016-2017 Heather worked as a Family Dispute resolution Practitoner for Interrelate in Dubbo, NSW. Heather came to Veritas on a secondment from DCJ in 2014 and worked with the then small team to develop and embed the Permanency Support Program. In 2019 Heather transitioned across to the Clinical and Consultation Team.

Heather is a strong advocate for promoting the voices and the narratives of children, young people and adults who have had their lives impacted by adverse experiences and trauma.  Heather’s preference is to explore these narratives in environments that are natural and safe.

Jayne Sanson

Jayne Sanson


Jayne completed her double degree in Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Secondary Teaching (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) in 2007 at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. In 2008, while teaching in rural and remote communities part time, Jayne went on to complete her Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology.

Jayne then commenced work as a caseworker in child protection with the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ). Jayne developed an interest for assessment and intervention of children who have experienced serious abuse, and joined the Joint Child Protection Response Team, working closely alongside NSW Police and NSW Health. Jayne worked in this space for about four years as both caseworker and manager, refining her skills at interviewing children, gathering evidence and completing assessments.

Between 2014 and 2018 Jayne led a number of teams working in the child protection and out of home care space. Jayne supported caseworkers working with children, young people, their parents and their carers, to ensure children had the support and protection they needed to be nurtured and fulfil their potential. Jayne also spent time working alongside Non Government Organisations such as Veritas, during the roll out and implementation of the Permanency Support Program.

In 2018, Jayne took some time off from DCJ to have her children, and has recently returned to work at Veritas in 2021. Jayne enjoys connecting with people in relationship-based practice with an emphasis on the value of understanding the complex culture and experience of others. Jayne also prefers a ‘glass half-full’ approach to practice, with a strengths- and evidence-based lens on support and intervention.

Rachel Ridge

Social Worker

Rachel has a Bachelor of Social Work and a Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking (BALCT), both from Western Sydney University. She started her career working in DCJ as an Intensive Support Services (ISS) Caseworker for several years supporting young people with complex intergenerational trauma. Rachel has also worked for NSW Health as a Manager in Child Protection and as a Sexual Assault Counsellor for a number of years. Rachel has a passion for supporting children and young people by using creative therapies including art, music and play in her daily practice and works from a child-focused and strength-based perspective.

Alice Kelly

Social Worker

Alice completed her Bachelor of Social Work (Honours Class 1) in 2010 at the University of Sydney, with her research dissertation focusing on Domestic Violence presentations in Emergency Departments. Alice commenced her social work career at the Australian Red Cross, working with newly arrived Asylum Seeker individuals and families in a caseworker role. Alice gained a promotion to a team leader role within this service, which including managing a casework team, coordinating programs and events such as releases of detained asylum seekers into the community. In 2013, Alice moved to Bristol, UK, where she was registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, in order to undertake Social Work roles with the local authorities. Alice spent time working in a variety of teams, including child protection, children with disabilities and most commonly Foster Care and Adoption. In all these roles, Alice worked with parents and carers to support, nurture and protect the children in their care. These roles included assessment, support and training. Alice has been working in the CCS team at Veritas House since June 2020.

Alice has a passion for empowering parents and carers to recognize and meet children’s emotional and physical needs; to allow children to have childhoods that are safe, with access to community and education

Elise Elligett

Provisional Psychologist

Elise completed a Bachelor of Psychology(Hons) at Macquarie University and a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Mississippi. While studying, Elise worked as an ABA Therapist with children on the autism spectrum and with developmental disabilities, and as a Lifeline crisis counselor. After uni, she started working for the Lyndon Outreach Team as a Child and Family Worker/A&OD Counselor in Orange and the Central West. Elise worked with families at risk of having the children put into out of home care, ran parenting programs, and worked with young people and adults with substance abuse issues and complex needs. During her Masters program, Elise gained training and experience in assessment and therapy modalities such as CBT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Elise has a passion for providing evidence-based and effective support and interventions for young people in a trauma-informed way.

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