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Consider Becoming a Carer for a Child in Need of a Home

Veritas House is urgently looking for carers who are able to open their homes and hearts to assist children in need of a secure, safe and supportive home environment. Children in care sometimes have difficulties with behaviours and navigating their relationships and emotions, and need to have a sense of security. By providing a place to live with a nurturing environment, you can help these children and young people to feel comfortable and supported so they can grow and develop in a happy and healthy way.

Rebecca Needs a Supportive Home

If you would like to apply to become a Foster Carer for Rebecca, or simply want more information on becoming a Foster Carer with Veritas House, we would love to hear from you. Click the button to fill out your details in the form provided and a member of our CART team will be in touch as soon as possibleAlternatively you can speak to our Foster Carer Recruitment Officer on 1300 01 1973.

Enquire Now

Rebecca is looking for reassurance in relation to feeling safe and loved. She needs to know that she is accepted for who she is.

Rebecca is a happy, bubbly 8 year old. She likes to read, draw and do craft activities. Her favourite toys are Paw Patrol and Barbies. She is an active girl who likes books and animals, especially dogs. Rebecca has lived with her current carer since October 2020. She has had several placements over a relatively short period of time and needs a stable, long term placement.

While Rebecca has no formal diagnoses, she may have developmental trauma and PTSD.  When Rebecca does not feel safe and secure, she can become very dysregulated and may behave in a way a much younger child might.

Rebecca is affectionate and can display physical clinginess and needs regular reassurance and comfort. She can also become withdrawn at times, such as after contact with her mother which occurs over the phone once per week.

Rebecca appears to lack protective behaviours and will easily “attach” to new people. Rebecca will benefit from learning from her carers about boundaries and safety. Structure and routine will assist with this as well as clear expectations from her carers and building trust over time.

What kind of Carers does Rebecca* need?

  • Carers with the ability to understand Rebecca’s* needs, and how they relate to the behaviours we observe – and in return, how to respond appropriately;
  • Carers with the ability to help Rebecca* regulate her emotions via co-regulation;
  • Carers with the ability to help Rebecca* with living skills by working alongside her through challenges, like dressing herself, personal hygiene, routine and structure;
  • Carers with the ability to attend appointment alongside Rebecca* and a willingness to fully understand her needs;
  • Carers with the capacity to provide a sense of stability and permanency;
  • Carers with a sound understanding of the impact of trauma and neglect, a willingness to learn more about this and to be creative.
  • Carers who are willing to support birth family visits so that Rebecca* can maintain a sense of identity, culture and connection to family.
  • Carers who are prepared foster engagement with a multidisciplinary team of specialist Clinicians, Caseworkers, Carer Support Practitioners and maintain an effective working relationship with Veritas Staff.

*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy