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Are you interested in receiving market rent for your investment property, while making a difference to the lives of young people in our community?

Obtaining approval for a lease with no prior rental history can be tough. As a young person approaching adulthood who has already experienced disadvantage and cannot return safely to their home, getting this approval can be especially challenging. Through our Supported Independent Living Services (SILS), case workers provide young people in Out of Home Care (Foster Care) with intensive support to develop independent living skills to make sure they are good tenants, including tenant responsibilities and rights, budgeting, looking after the property, and assistance with education and employment mentoring.

SILS is designed to flexibly support young people for 24 months, depending on how much support a young person requires at any particular time. The level of support will gradually decrease as a young person moves towards independence, gaining the necessary skills and growing in confidence to take over their own lease at the end of the program’s duration.

A young person receives house keys from a realtor.

“We see it as; we’ve given these kids a chance to get out of the cycle [of disadvantage]. A lot of them come from violence that you can only imagine. So, it’s peace of mind knowing that there’s a few kids getting a hand; they’re getting education, they’re getting meals and being cared for.” Aaron, landlord.

Find out about how Veritas House works with landlords

As a realtor, landlord or housing provider, here’s what you need to know about SILS:

  • The tenant residing in the property will be a young person with demonstrated ability or capability of living independently
  • The tenant will either be attending school, training or work on a regular basis
  • In the majority of cases, only one tenant will be living in the property with regular in-house supports from Veritas House staff to support the tenant with their independent living skills and ensure the property is being maintained. Share house arrangements will only be considered provided all tenants are eligible SILS clients.
  • Veritas House holds the lease to the property on behalf of our SILS clients. We guarantee payment of Bond and Rent on time, ongoing and will be liable for immediate rectification of any property issues, repairs or breaches
  • The client moving into the property signs an occupancy agreement with Veritas House in line with the Boarding Houses Act 2012. This allows Veritas House to be the head tenant with immediate, rostered and daily access to the property for Caseworkers, Coordinators and Support Staff. If needed, Veritas House can also end the tenancy with the young person in a short time frame (24hrs-7 days) if the tenant experiences any issues. Veritas House will work with the managing real estate agent and continue to pay rent and hold the lease for the property if this situation occurs
  • Veritas House will accept either a 6 or 12 month lease for a successful application – whichever is more favourable to the landlord and real estate. The tenant is subject to 3 monthly reviews of their income and situation, in line with the lease start and end dates
  • The tenant, as a client of the SILS program, must agree to engage regularly or daily (dependent on needs and circumstance) with Veritas House staff, including their caseworker and rostered support staff
  • SILS is a NSW Government-funded service

Need more information?

If you would like more information about the benefits of leasing your property to a young person in the SILS program with Veritas House, call our SILARS Operations Manager, Bronte Emanuel on 6332 3882 or email and a member of our team will be in contact with you.