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Achieving independence is a milestone moment in a person’s life. Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) program helps prepare and support young people to make a smooth transition from living in Out-of-Home Care (Foster Care) to living independently. 

SIL participants are given the opportunity to experience the realities of budgeting, paying rent and bills, shopping for and preparing meals, maintaining a household, and looking after themselves, all with the security of experienced caseworkers available to provide help and support. In doing so, participants gain the necessary skills and confidence to take over their own lease at the end of the program’s duration in a critical step towards adulthood.

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Learn about the supports available through SILS.

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Learn about eligibility and how you can refer a young person to receive support.

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Learn how you can help break the cycle of homelessness for young people while maintaining your investment income.

Please note, the Supported Independent Living placements offered through Veritas House are for eligible young people who are transitioning from living in Out of Home Care to living independently. For information on Supported Independent Living Services provided through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, please visit the NDIS website.