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It takes time to learn the skills you need to live on your own. Paying rent and bills, buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and looking after the property you live in; these things don’t happen on their own! Our Supported Independent Living Service (SILS) helps young people in Out-of-Home Care prepare for adulthood by providing the opportunity to experience the realities of independent living with the security and assurance of on-hand support.

What does the SILS journey look like?

Upon being referred to the SILS program, you’ll meet with a SILS caseworker so that they can get to know you, learn about where you want to live and what you hope to achieve either with your education or employment.

We understand that, as a young person with no prior rental history, it can be tough getting approval on a rental lease, so our SILS caseworkers will help you find a place to live and arrange the rental lease on your behalf. We will even help you furnish and fit out your house to make it a home!

Our SILS caseworkers provide intensive support to develop your skills and knowledge, including:

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • Setting and sticking to a budget
  • Planning, shopping for and cooking easy, affordable, nutritious meals
  • Setting up Centrelink, a Tax File Number, Doctor’s appointments etc.

They also help with education and employment mentoring to build your financial capacity.

SILS support is provided flexibly depending on how much support you require. As your confidence grows and capabilities increase, your SILS caseworker will gradually step back, when you are eventually ready to take over your own lease at the end of the program’s 24-month duration.


If you would like more information on the Veritas House SILS program or would like to be referred to SILS, speak with your case worker.

Go Your Own Way Kit Front Cover

Go Your Own Way

Create Foundation’s Go Your Own Way (Leaving Care) Info Kit is a great resource for young people aged 15 and above who are starting to plan for their transition to adulthood and independence. The kit is filled with resources and information to assist the planning process and provide young people, carers, and caseworkers with the information they need to plan for a successful transition. Download the kit here.