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Interim Care is a temporary solution for children and young people who need immediate care and protection, while longer-term care is identified. Veritas House Interim Care Homes provide a safe, child-friendly, and home-like environment, with stability and predictability through a consistent team of qualified and trained staff for the duration of child or young person’s stay.

The parenting team are responsible for supporting the children and young people to participate in everyday routines, education, cultural and social activities, while work is being undertaken to support the young person to transition to permanency arrangements or a foster care placement.

Veritas House has operated several Residential Care models since 2016 to support children and young people in Permanency Support (Out of Home Care). Utilising a Neuro-developmentally and Trauma Informed model of care, which is based on current evidence and research, the service model is designed to meet the needs of children and young people who have experienced developmental trauma, and who may have other complex support needs, for instance support for mental health and/or disability.