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Veritas House is urgently looking for carers who are able to open their homes and hearts to assist children in need of a secure, safe and supportive home environment. Children in care sometimes have difficulties with behaviours and navigating their relationships and emotions, and need to have a sense of security. By providing a place to live with a nurturing environment, you can help these children and young people to feel comfortable and supported so they can grow and develop in a happy and healthy way.

Are you patient and understanding, do you have empathy?  Are you creative, proactive, and open to looking outside the square, to care for a child who sometimes has trouble keeping her emotions in check.

Can you see yourself keeping her connected to her family and working with a supportive team consisting of a caseworker, psychologist, Occupational Therapist and speech pathologist?  Are you reliable and respectful, can you recognise the complexities that impact little kids who have experienced trauma and been separated from their family.

Can you provide a secure, safe and supportive home environment which would provide children in need with not only a fresh start but also a place to belong?

Sophie* is ready to have a fresh start

At 12 years old, Sophie* is getting ready to start High School. Singing and dancing are what Sophie likes best. She also has a big heart and loves animals. It would be fabulous for Sophie to be placed in a new home so she can have a fresh start.

Could you provide Sophie with the home she is needing?

The Carer(s) for Sophie will need to provide structure and routine, while offering patience and sound boundaries. The Carer will require an understanding of trauma and the impact this can have on managing emotions, whilst being able to support her with developing her cultural identity and family time with her birth family.

Energetic and funny Ben*

Having recently turned 10 year old, Ben* is a comedian in the making. His unique sense of humour and ability to have a chat with anyone he meets makes him great company. Ben would benefit greatly from a nurturing home which offers routine and consistency. 

The Carer(s) who can provide Ben with stability would be ideal, as he has had so much unpredictability, change and upheaval in his life.

Ben would love a home which makes him feel like he belongs. A home which he can grow and develop in where he feels safe and supported.

Considering Becoming a Carer?

If you have a sound understanding of the impact of trauma and neglect on a child, and you have a willingness to learn more about this, or you simply want more information on becoming a Foster Carer with Veritas House, please call on 1300 01 1973, or click the button to enquire online.

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To learn more, read about Foster Care or check out our frequently asked questions.

*Names have been changed in the interest of privacy