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Veritas House is urgently looking for carers who are able to open their homes and hearts to assist children in need of a secure, safe and supportive home environment. Children in care sometimes have difficulties with behaviours and navigating their relationships and emotions, and need to have a sense of security. By providing a place to live with a nurturing environment, you can help these children and young people to feel comfortable and supported so they can grow and develop in a happy and healthy way.

Harper Needs a Home

If you would like to apply to become a carer for Harper, or simply want more information on becoming a Foster Carer with Veritas House, please give Veritas House a call on 1300 01 1973, or click the button to enquire online.

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Harper* is a bright and funny 9-year-old, full of curiosity, with a keen imagination. An avid reader, Harper can step through storybook portals to distant lands, complete quests and be home in time for tea. She is an artist, who paints, crafts and creates to better understand her world. Harper is a scientist, conducting experiments with toothpaste, soap and shampoo; currently accepting applications for a lab partner. She is a swimmer, more gill than girl. Harper is a zoophilist, a lover of animals, with an especially strong affection for the canine. She is an adventurer with an interest in becoming a Scout, belonging to a club where she can learn by getting her hands dirty and find many friends along the way.

Harper currently lives in an Interim Care Home and is looking for a safe, secure, loving home to call her own, with a nurturing, understanding and reassuring carer. “She is smart, articulate and creative,” says Amanda, Harper’s Caseworker. “Harper can sometimes be sensitive to certain sounds and noisy environments. She may struggle with unfamiliar foods but is becoming more adventurous with what she will taste. Harper is highly affectionate, preferring to be physically close to people, giving them lots of hugs, as she finds this reassuring and comforting. Like all 9-year-olds, Harper is still growing and learning; sometimes she feels very independent and will want to do things for herself, but at other times she will need and will ask for a lot of help. While Harper has no formal diagnoses, she presents with behaviours consistent with a child who has experienced significant trauma and neglect. This means Harper needs someone who can help regulate her emotions and teach her living skills by working alongside her through tasks like dressing herself and taking care of her personal hygiene. Harper will benefit from learning about boundaries and safety from her carer. Structure, routine and clearly communicated expectations will assist with this, as well as building trust with her carer over time. Harper needs someone with the capacity to provide a sense of stability and permanency for her to grow in a happy and healthy way.”

If you have a sound understanding of the impact of trauma and neglect on a child, and you have a willingness to learn more about this in order to give Harper a safe, secure and loving home, please consider becoming a Foster Carer.

*Name has been changed in the interest of privacy