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Veritas House has launched a fundraising appeal to raise funds to purchase a Transitional Youth Housing property to assist young people who are exiting crisis accommodation to transition into independent living.

For many young people experiencing homelessness that stay at the youth refuge and who cannot return safely to their homes, it can be difficult to secure a lease in the private rental market with no prior rental history and limited finances. To help address this, Veritas owns a one-bedroom flat which it operates as a transitional youth housing property, leasing the property at below market rent to young people who are transitioning from homelessness to independence; and Veritas case workers support them over a 3-6 month period to obtain furnishings, secure ongoing income, learn budgeting and tenancy management skills and develop a rental history. At the end of their lease, Veritas provides a reference and assists the young person to secure long-term private rental accommodation through advocacy and support.

With access to affordable housing continuing to be one of the greatest barrier for young people transitioning to independent living, Veritas has committed to purchasing another property in the region to address the cycle of disadvantage for local young people.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation towards the Transitional Youth Housing Appeal, simply click the PayPal button below and select the ‘Transitional Youth Housing Appeal’ in the drop down options. Alternatively, if you own a business and would like to donate goods or services towards a raffle, or would be interested in hosting a fundraising event to support the Appeal, please contact Narelle or Libby on (02) 6332 3882 or email to discuss ways that you can provide support.

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation provided a $50,000 grant which enabled Veritas to fully renovate the Transitional Youth Housing property in Bathurst, including a new kitchen, bathroom and laundry, as well as new furnishings. The result is a unit that tenants can take pride in while rebuilding their life and an asset that will benefit the Bathurst community by breaking the cycle of homelessness and disadvantage for generations to come. 

Check out the link above to watch a short video of our ‘new-look’ Transitional Youth Housing flat in Bathurst; and please support our Appeal so that we can establish similar properties to support young people in the region.