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Our Targeted Family Service (TFS) provides parenting programs and support tailored to meet the needs of families who have children 0-17 years old within the Bathurst Regional Council area. TFS works with families, focusing on increasing family wellbeing, improving family relationships and reducing family conflict. As part of our individualised parenting support we provide intensive assistance to families experiencing a higher level of stress. Support is provided in a one on one setting with one of our Family Caseworkers.

We work with families to increase wellbeing, improve relationships and reduce conflict.

Evidence Based Programs

The Resourceful Adolescent Program
The Resourceful Adolescent Program (RAP) group program is designed to increase resilience and promote positive coping strategies for teenagers and their parents. RAP assists by boosting self-esteem and learning to better manage emotional reactions. RAP recognises that adolescence is an exciting phase of life, however, it does bring with it many new challenges for both young people and their parents.

RAP-P supports parents to help their kids get through the teen years safely and happily. The program is delivered to groups of up to 16 parents over 3 workshops of between 2 to 3 hours.

RAP-A is designed to be delivered in schools (or other suitable settings) with groups of up to 16 young people over 9 to 11 workshops. It is a universal program which aims to improve coping skills and promote positive development of young adolescents.

The Parents Under Pressure Program
The Parents Under Pressure Program (PuP) aims to assist parents facing multiple stressors to develop positive and secure relationships with their children. Within this strengths-based approach, the family environment becomes more nurturing and less conflictual, both parents and children learn to self-regulate their behaviour.

Targeted Family Services provides a comprehensive and coordinated response to vulnerable young people and families by providing one or more of the following service components:

  • Flexible support through strengths-based action planning
  • Coordinated case planning
  • Assistance to access mainstream and specialised services
  • Connecting with the local community
  • Individualised parenting support
  • Building on skills to manage stress and conflict

Our Family Workers will come to you.

Veritas House Youth and Family Service contact details:

Ph: 02 6332 3882
98 Keppel Street, Bathurst

This service is funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services through the Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) Program.