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If you are looking for a professional who has a focus on working with children, young people and families, Veritas House Clinical and Consultation Service may be suitable for your needs. We have an experienced multi-disciplinary team who are available to provide a range of individual and group services for either clients of your service, or to support your staff in undertaking their role as best they can.

Veritas House CCS Team can assist organisations with:

  • Individual psychological therapy services using evidence-based treatments, including TF-CBT, ACT and Mindfulness.
  • Group programs
  • Assessments, including Psychometric testing
  • Professional Supervision
  • Group Supervision
  • Complex case reviews
  • Training in understanding and responding to developmental trauma
  • Family Group Conferencing
  • Mediation
  • Development and Implementation of Behaviour Support Plans
  • Carer support and training

Making a referral is easy. Once submitted, if we require further information one of our staff will call you within 3 working days. We can then provide you with a quote and an estimate on when the service can commence. This is information which you can progress in your organisation for approval. Once this is sent through to us in writing, we can arrange the service to be provided.

Depending on the nature of the service request and after obtaining the informed consent of the individual(s) we’re supporting, we can provide updates on progress towards goals identified in the referral. This helps you stay ‘in the loop’ of how things are progressing, and supports you in the work you’re doing with the individual or family.

Make a Referral

The core work of all our CCS team is supporting children, young people and families who have experienced or are currently experiencing difficult times. This includes many children and young people and families more broadly who have experienced significant trauma in their life. In addition to this, we provide supports to staff in our own organisation such as professional supervision, debriefs, training, and complex case consultations. The skills, expertise and experience we possess in this is also available to your organisation and the people you hold within it.