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Matt T, an Education and Employment Fund monthly donor speaks about his why!

How did you hear about/first connect with Veritas House?

I first heard about Veritas when I was doing a search for a local non for profit organisation that assisted children with educational costs. 

What motivates you to donate to Veritas?

I firmly believe that every child deserves an education no matter their background and that cost should be no barrier. I was keen to help children to get the resources they need to get a quality education in order to set them up for employment later in life. 

Why did you choose to set up monthly donations? Eg any benefits from this style of giving?

Donating monthly means that you can make a bigger difference and help more people. It doesn’t matter the amount as every dollar helps…. plus it is tax deductible. 

What would you say to other people who may be considering supporting Veritas House?

I would encourage others to donate  to Veritas House to assist the programs they deliver to people in the Orange and Bathurst area. Every dollar assists people that need it and you know it will go a long way. 


*Name changed and generic image used to protect privacy