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Veritas House staff recently undertook a two day workshop designed to further develop skills and knowledge to work with children and adolescents who have, or are experiencing abuse and trauma in their lives.

The ‘Understanding Complex Trauma Workshop’ was delivered by educator and Clinical Psychotherapist, Joanne Murray, and participants included staff from Veritas’ Out of Home Care team, Specialist Homelessness Services and the Non Placement Support Service.

“Through the training, our staff have developed an enhanced understanding that trauma can occur not only in a child or young person’s relationship with an individual or individuals, but in his or her relationship with society, and that consistency, reliability and predictability in casework is crucial to working with people with experiences of complex trauma,” explained Veritas Operations Manager, Jacqueline Ashleigh.

“A key learning for our staff was that positive, safe and healing relationships and experiences are key to trauma-informed practice and we believe this training will continue to improve the quality of supports we provide to vulnerable children, young people and families in our communities,” she said.