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Veritas House has launched a new service improvement process focused on the quality of supports delivered to vulnerable children, young people and families.  

This will involve the organisation seeking certification of its Specialist Homelessness Services against the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES). Certification requires providers like Veritas House to self-assess current practices against the Standards; identify the actions it needs to take to meet the Standards and take the necessary actions; and engage with an ASES assessor who will visit Veritas offices and accommodation settings to talk with service users and staff and to assure themselves that Veritas is complying with the Standards.    

Veritas House CEO, Jody Pearce says that the process will help Veritas to highlight and celebrate the things staff already do well.  

“We’re confident that the services we provide make a real impact on helping children, young people and families in our local communities to thrive,” she said. “ASES is a tool which will help us gather the evidence to prove this.”  

Ms Pearce emphasised that the process is also an opportunity to review what can be improved and because it is a continuing process – certification needs to be renewed every three years – it will help the organisation build a culture focused on continuous improvement.   

“Just because we’re proud of what we do, doesn’t mean we want to risk becoming complacent about that quality,” she said. “ASES is a way in which we can keep testing that confidence so that we can find ways to keep delivering the highest quality services, as we have done for almost 40 years.”  

Assessment is a requirement of all Specialist Homelessness Services across NSW and Veritas’ funding partner, the NSW Department of Communities and Justice. The process will involve staff, management, the Board and other stakeholders (including service users and their families) through to the end of 2021 when the on-site assessment visit is scheduled to occur. 

For more information on Veritas’ preparation for the ASES Assessment and Certification, please contact John, our Operational Compliance Officer on 1300 01 1973.