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Veritas staff are frequently humbled by the generosity of individuals and organisations who share our passion for helping vulnerable children, young people and their families, but the ongoing support received from one group deserves special recognition.

On a regular basis, Veritas receives donations of knitted and crocheted blankets to support children who can no longer reside with their families and enter into Foster Care, or who stay at our youth refuges. The generous ‘knitting ladies’ who wish to remain anonymous, ask for nothing in return for their donations other than the request that the blankets are ‘gifted’ to the children and young people, so they can be comforted and warm during a difficult time, and know that their blanket is theirs to keep with them, wherever they go.

If you enjoy knitting or crochet and would like information on how you could contribute, contact Narelle Stocks on (02) 6332 3882.